look at these people spreading good energy – who says that in online workshop good flow is impossible?! and who says 2020 was such a bad year? thank you @toepferstiftung for the recipe for a good network of passionate educators in higher ed. maybe I’ll use the wood paddle also […]

review of Reuter

nearly closing 2020, my review of Oliver Reuter (2020) is out now. Reuter writes about experience in art class, yes think about the reference to Dewey, how curriculum concepts should better connect between childrens’ motivation to discover aesthetic phenomena and the ‘sparkle’ of art. reference: Loffredo, A. M. (2021). Rezension […]

lecture @TUDortmund

2021 starts with a lovely invitation again at the University of Dortmund by Vertr.Prof. Dr. Andreas Zeising. how can we create a learning context to connect students with the wide range of art and visual culture? what does the iconic turn mean for the right didactic approach? do we need […]

lecture@die Angewandte

happy about the invitation by my dear colleague Prof. Dr. Ruth Mateus-Berr to speak at ‘die Angewandte’ about teachers in comics. it’s great to meet her students again and I’m excited to present on March 9th my findings about the depiction of teachers in famous print and animated comics. it’s […]