if you don’t know what to do or where to go I had the pleasure to post two options in the current edition of the city magazine Die Referentin Linz. scroll through Die Referentin Linz


another press release is out now: the city journal Die Referentin printed our interview about the question why manifestos are still interesting to be discussed in an University of Art like in Linz in our current times. Read – we are pleased to tell you! scroll through Die Referentin Linz

tips OÖ

2nd news feed by tips.at – thank you for mentioning us. https://www.tips.at/nachrichten/linz/kultur/529541-ausstellungsprojekt-der-kunstuniversitaet-linz-widmet-sich-kuenstler-manifesten

news OÖ

again an announcement in the local news. thank you for the support of our upcoming exhibition – however we will manage a classic art exhibition in these crazy times of COVID19 🙂 but: there’s always a solution for anything.