higher ed – conference

honored to announce another big sized conference as the opener of the winter term: higher education – art history at school! it’s my first conference in cooperation with another foreign university. Prof. Joseph Imorde and PD Dr. Andreas Zeising of the University of Siegen are my partners in art (ed) […]


so proud to announce the 1st award for my student and assistant Florian Karl Hareter. he’s into art, he’s into photography, successfully in the ifolor photography competition. So so happy for him! And soon our essay about Selfies will be out, watch out!

new office

here it is, my new office, in pink, gold & yellow. Come on, did you expect a white wall to my door? always glitter, always shiny. you can find me now at the left side of Reindlstr., former corner of RAUM&DESIGNstrategien, 2nd floor. see you soon for the winter term […]

super stadt

this winter term will provide lots of conferences in Linz. one will be organized by the department of urbanistics. check out if the program suits you and enjoy: www.superstadt.at