in store now

waiting for so long. the pretty little pink package is now available. just mentioning: if you want to buy one at my office you get an discount for 17.50€ instead of 24.50€


do you need any more explications? go there and listen.

how to party

do you know how to party? the university of art and design does indeed. come on and groove with us at the Dokapi. i’ll be serving drinks at 11pm. see you at the K-building.

Symposium Transit

it was some kind of magic in the air. Siegfried started the morning with some groovy lounge classics on the piano. the room shined in its best gold. every student listened carefully the well prepared lectures. the keynote speakers spoke with passion. the debate showed different perspectives on higher ed […]

back to the future

Master students of Interface Cultures are exploring media archaeology – the “secret” or “forgotten” media history that deals with parallel, presumably lost, little regarded, perhaps even merely fictive strands in the development of today’s media apparatuses. The works on show in this exhibition are reappropriating historical media artefacts by putting […]

get ready!

hey get up for the symposium on wednesday. all the keynote speakers are well prepared and i’m excited to host at the beautiful Landesgalerie.

easy 3d

Markus Riebe is a well known artist based in Linz. he shows how easy it is to create digital artworks with an extremely magnetic 3d effect. different layers within one work are showing formal aspects on one hand and metaphoric perspectives on the other hand. his works will be currently […]

tea party

please take the chance to see the „new“ library. well, the „old-new“ library until the construction area will be all set again. there’ll be a tea party 10/18/2016 at 3pm where you can enter also the hidden sections of the endless book shelves. the team of the library is expecting […]