trinational art education research

♥just the four of us.♥   we are delighted to announce our new trinational network to improve empirical data based and future focused research in art education. there will be mentoring sesssions for Masters and PhD candidates and guest keynotes from time to time. if you are interested to raise […]


grateful and energised to offer you a world of changemakers in an international online lecture series that I prepared together with the one and only Prof. Dr. Rainer Wenrich of the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. download the announcement here or push the button to get access to the website of this […]


*(double blind) peer-reviewed, estimated or published: for videos & audios click YouTube 2022 Loffredo, A. M. & Wenrich, R., Axelsson, C. & Kröger, W. (eds.) (2022). Changing Time – Shaping World: Changemaker in Arts & Education (Vol. 16: Media and Design Aesthetics). Bielefeld: transcript. [OPEN ACCESS] *Loffredo, A. M., Wenrich, […]

split, show & share

there’s an exciting online lecture series in Austria coming up. Innsbruck & Salzburg as well with my last perspective from Linz we will SPLIT our usual winter term 2021/22 to SHOW each other our expertise and SHARE it with all of you guys. Access is open to everyone who is […]

essay with Kunstuni@students

2020 wasn’t that bad because in the end my students of the first lockdown semester and I, we’ve pulled all the possible outcomes into a core concept how to recreate as quick as possible a process of effective web learning sessions. so, yeah, thx Covid-19 to reframe significant questions what […]

bilateral online lecture series

in 2020/21, Switzerland (my dear colleague Prof. Dr. Nicole Berner of PH FHNW) and Austria will be connected in the field of higher art education in the form of a bilateral online lecture series. we are amazed to announce the commitment of the following highly appreciated guests: Heike Ackermann, Elmar […]


Loffredo, A. M. (2022). Rezension von Keazor, H. (2021). Raffaels Schule von Athen. Von der Philosophenschule zur Hall of Fame. Berlin: Klaus Wagenbach. Kunst+Unterricht, … in Druck. Loffredo, A. M. (2022). Rezension von Mateus-Berr, R. & Gruber, L. V. (Hrsg.) (2021). Arts & Dementia. Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Berlin: De Gruyter. Kunst+Unterricht, […]

Manual academic rules 2018/10/27

dear students, please read carefully the manual of oct 2018 then start to write! besides the general codex of academic writing and behavior, you have to follow the instructions I expect you to be aware of. there will be always the current pdf of formal conditions online, here and on […]