*(double blind) peer-reviewed, estimated or published: for videos click YouTube 2021 Berner, N. & Loffredo, A. M. (Hrsg.) (2021). Grenzen öffnen – Werte prüfen: Bildungswerte und Wertebildung in der Kunstdidaktik. Transdisziplinäre Entwürfe und Ergebnisse einer bilateralen Online-Ringvorlesung. München: kopaed, in progress. *Berner, N. & Loffredo, A. M. (Hrsg.) (2021). Digital […]

split, show & share

we prepare an exciting online lecture series in Austria. Innsbruck, Salzburg & Linz will SPLIT their usual winter term 2021/22 to SHOW each other our expertise and SHARE it with all of you guys. Access is open to everyone who is interested. More infos for log-in on soon to […]


in 2021, PD Dr. Andreas Zeising (TU Dortmund) will be my next guest @Salzamt Linz. he’s an expert in the written field of art. this is why we will focus on the habit of declaring a manifesto as part of being an artist. my part will show off the […]

bilateral online lecture series

in 2020/21, Switzerland (my dear colleague Prof. Dr. Nicole Berner of PH FHNW) and Austria will be connected in the field of higher art education in the form of a bilateral online lecture series. we are amazed to announce the commitment of the following highly appreciated guests: Heike Ackermann, Elmar […]

NAEA exhibition

Schätzelein, wat willste?!would you guess that a weirdo photo from back in the days in 2009 with my homie Damian Zimmermann ♥ would be selected in 2017 by an US-american jury to be part of the NAEA Member Exhibition in Alexandria (Virginia)?! we had no clue but now, we are […]

REVIEWS – Books to read

Loffredo, A. M. (2021). Rezension von Keazor, H. (2021). Raffaels Schule von Athen. Von der Philosophenschule zur Hall of Fame. Berlin: Klaus Wagenbach. Kunst+Unterricht, … in Druck. Loffredo, A. M. (2021). Rezension von Mateus-Berr, R. & Gruber, L. V. (Hrsg.) (2021). Arts & Dementia. Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Berlin: De Gruyter. Kunst+Unterricht, […]

Manual academic rules 2018/10/27

dear students, please read carefully the manual of oct 2018 then start to write! besides the general codex of academic writing and behavior, you have to follow the instructions I expect you to be aware of. there will be always the current pdf of formal conditions online, here and on […]