talking heads – heads in a dialogue

so honored to set up a new frame, called „koepfe im dialog“, heads in a dialogue. that means that after a short lecture about 15minutes of the invited professor, we will start talking to each other and you guys are welcome to discuss with us. please ask us, bring in […]

Bering&Niehoff – new book

the dreamteam Bering&Niehoff from Düsseldorf published recently a new book. Go and study the perspective on art history in art education to get an idea how to connect the current world teenagers are living in with the cultural memory!Please order the documentation about their conference in october 2015 here: Athena.

day of arts education

such an honor to have them: the handsome kids of the Leonardo da Vinci NMS in Linz-Urfahr had been the first students following my invitation to the University of Art and Design Linz. celebrating the national day of arts education, they got the opportunity to explore urban art and hip […]

intelligent fashion

Prof. Dr. Christiane Luible is offering a conference about intelligent fashion on 5/31 at 7pm. it will be placed at the Donaubank Donau-Forum.

closed loops and open futures

in june, there’ll be several music projects like workshops, perfermances, and concerts in town. choose your event.


if you don’t know how to spent your saturday – go and bounce in the next battle at the Kulturzentrum Hof 5/14. junior-battle starts at 5pm, main-battle at 7.30pm, organised by element of style.

holy code

look at that: the austrian guidelines of research integrity holding in my hands …

spray paint schedule

for all my students participating in the project ‚painting with a can‘ – you can check back the course program and schedule here.

K+U review

the journal ‚KUNST+UNTERRICHT‘ published my review about Rainer Wenrich’s new book about fashion. the book is really worth to read. both, my review and Wenrich’s book, are in to find in our library.