sign up for transit

if you’re a teacher in Austria and you want to be part of the symposium ‚transit‘ in october then please sign up for the teacher training program!

please register for vienna

yeah i know it’s july but you need to register for the BÖKWE conference „shaping the future“ in october already.if you’re a teacher in Austria, please use the following number to register: 6616ELB600. don’t forget to register also on the association’s website.please check the info to be part of the […]

for ma girls

what can I say? she’s the coolest.Michelle Obama is a role model for me and all the girls who believe in education as a key instrument to raise your aware that education is still a privilege.Go Missy – Go Missy!

children in art ed

one more! walking through a museum is intriguing for me. coincidentally, I see artworks I worked with in my classes. never thought to meet the little boy at the Boijmans. my students of theories & models I will remember that boy. hopefully they also remember the method we practiced by […]

Maurizio pick-a-boo

first I was teaching about Maurizio, then I was writing about Maurizio (read the essay here), finally I met Maurizio at the Boijmans.always happy to see the things I am working with in real terms.

Linzl game

look at that! my colleague Robert Hübner created these funny tarot cards about Linz. every card shows a famous person, place, or a buildung of this city. that means you play, having fun, and you learn interesting informations at the same time – that’s the clue.if you’re interested to buy […]

first symposium to celebrate

it’s gonna be the first time in the history of the University of Art and Design Linz that we will offer a symposium as a continuing training for teachers. please see the program below for the keynote speakers. i am very proud to welcome them in Linz. in the second […]


my colleague Veronika Barnas published this book. it’s a compilation of different approaches about art and space.nothing wrong with reading if you’re interested in art.

whistle whistle in the ‚pott‘

since my doctoral thesis about art class and the public you know that I’m into observing the phenomenon of whistleblowing, democracy, and law. there’s a super cool exhibition about whistleblowing. visit the critical heads at the Hardware MedienKunst Verein until 8/14 in Dortmund.for more information please click on the website.

photo photo photo Cologne is callin‘

there’s always a festival for photography in my home town Cologne and you shouldn’t miss it. especially because my friend Damian is hosting it. for more information please click on the website.Cologne – stay humble ♥