exhibition @café viele leute

I don’t know if you know that there’s a little off-space café „café viele leute“ where artworks of people with disabilities are shown. on tuesday 4/26, you get the chance to join the opening reception at 7pm. drawings and paintings by Christoph Eder will be presented.show up!

HBLA presents

here you go. another exhibition of the HBLA. after a quick view on the school’s capacity at the Salzamt, I had the opportunity to join the opening reception of the final examens exhibition yesterday. „open minded“ will be open until 5/24.please go and appreciate these young hearts in art. i […]

sleeping dogs – again Hubert :-)

again Hubert: the opening reception of his new exhibition „sleeping dogs“ will be held 4/26 at 7pm. join the artist at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.cross my fingers for you Hubert!


there’s a project with and about different foreign cultures in linz. they offer workshops in cooking, creating furnitures, language courses and much more. check it out Kama_Newsletter Mai Juni 16!

Hubert is talking

4/25 starting at 5pm, my dear colleague Hubert Lobnig will be talking about his artwork at the Anton Bruckner University.

kristallin #32

colony is called the next turn at the Salzamt Linz. go and have a look at their contemporary art show.for more informations click here.

Battle 2vs2

there’s no need to rest. get up and sign in for the spring break battle.move and enjoy.there’ll be also a streetfood festival. yummy!

political correctness

In Austria and Germany, people are talking the same language. Do they?Please check the essay of Dr. Elisabeth Wehling of the University of California, Berkeley (2016, 300-301) about words and political correctness. Check also the student-prof-issue in the case of Herfried Münkler, Humboldt University Berlin, as an example how people/students – feel […]

urban art session – no 1

what a good time, what a good vibe, what a good energy. young hearts in urban art. no 1.photos taken by gorgeous Silvia Wimmer.