well, yeah, someone has got to do it so this term it’s on me to join the senate of the University of Art and Design Linz. anyway, at the same time it’s important to support the act of participation right?! let’s see how it’ll work out …


Rovaniemi is rockin‘ the spot! thanks for the warm welcoming. it was very relaxed working with you guys in my first lecture. we made it together through the language gap :-)thanks also for the special printing workshop about the artic provided by the fashion department for all faculty members and […]

art ed online

please have a look at the online offer of Joachim Penzel of the Unversity of Halle located in the eastern part of Germany. maybe you have met him at the conference in Vienna? his website shows also works of how to use iconic concept mapping as a video like we […]

harmony of deception

my dear colleague Hubert Lobnig, department of art, will offer a lecture of Herwig Turk. if you are part of the next project at the Hospital ‚Barmherzige Schwester‘ or if you are just interested in discussing sitespecific interventions in art then you might come on tuesday, 2016/11/29 at 1pm to […]

talk discuss reflect

Linz is lame? oh come on – there are so many offers for a lecture. here are two more!

Klaus is next!

there’s another exhibition of one of my students. before Klaus started to study art education in Linz, he graduated in sculpture in Vienna. i will see his works when i’m back home in december but you can go to the reception on 2017/11/22 at 7.30pm. Please say hi to him […]

w/k exhibited

to all my folks around Cologne/Dusseldorf or nearby – there’s the chance to meet some heads of w/k!

no classes

hello Linz – goodbye Linz! please notice that i’ll be traveling to the University of Lapland in the context of Erasmus. there’ll be no classes until 2016/12/5. if you need any advice for your current projects please contact me via email. please be patient that i might respond just from […]

blue eye

there are so many different sides of photography but just one on architecture will be celebrated on 2017/11/18 at 7pm in „Hopfengasse 23, 4020 Linz, office of Dr. Dieter Anderle“.


Gilbert Bretterbauer will show some of his works in the gallery in Schärding on 2016/11/18. reception starts at 7pm. sadly, i am in Lappland but you should go.