Book No7

in prep with Nicole Berner

Book No 6 – (NEXT)COMIC

“Ran an die Wand, rein in die Vitrine?!” with the support of Barbara M. Eggert is published at kopaed in Munich. the book will include all the speakers’ and artists’ contributions of the conference we let to be happen in March 2020 in cooperation with NEXTCOMIC Festival Linz and PH […]

school book

never in my life I would have imagined that I would appear in a school book for art class. now it happened in real, I mean like real real. it’s a shame that my former high school teacher could not see that. he was the one giving me my first […]

Kritische Berichte – out now!

finally! all the lectures during the symposium about art history in school are published. go to the library or order  the journal ‘Kritische Berichte’ online at Ulmer Verein.

book release party

what a wonderful celebration of our graphic novel during the Next Comic Festival 2018! thx to everyone who supported this project. it was a pleasure to have Prof. Dr. Jaqueline Berndt as a host. Funny, deep and welcoming – that’s how i like my job! thx to the gorgeous Sarah Schmidt […]

Book No4 – Graphic Novel

whoop whoop – for the city of Linz, for my students in Linz – whoop whoop! order you book online: Ch. A. Bachmann-Verlag Berlin book release during the NEXT COMIC FESTIVAL 2018, join us on Friday 3/16 at 3pm for a talk with Prof. Dr. Jaqueline Berndt of the University […]


do i still feel the energy about publishing new books? hell yeah, i do! so proud to announce the conference book of the symposion “university/art in transit” with all the keynote speakers represented. Additionally, further colleagues are participating in the debate and offer you a perspective on the current “transit”. […]


heehaw – just a short time after my doctoral thesis and the big step of moving to Austria, i am so honored to announce my second book “art class and inclusive education”. teachers and colleagues from Germany and the States helped me to set it takes only a few […]