if you don’t have time to finish one book why not editing two? Dr. Ahmet Camuka & Prof. Dr. Georg Peez finilized their project „art education digital mobile“ and yes, we are talking about TWO books in one run. I am happy to contribute also an essay about ipads in […]

recap Causa

thank you fellows so much for a good debate about being professional in the field of teacher training. i am grateful for all the contributors, professors, students, teachers, all came together to focus on the good & tasks we have to run properly if we shout out for good art […]

award winner

look at that smart face: Silvia Wimmer is one of my first alumni, written her final diploma in my department of Art Education – and she made it! it took her several hard working months to deepen her written reflective skills about the political participation through memes but finally – […]

Writing Class

here is the next offer to talk to me about your written tests. date: Wednesday 13th before the christmas break! please take the opportunity to discuss your research frame with me and others before you start to write. focus is the key for a sharp thought! keep the manual about […]

review TRANSIT

first review about my third book TRANSIT is out now. Prof. Dr. Ingrid Höpel wrote her critique and I am happy that she shares her point of view with the community. read the full review here. order the book here. Stay tuned.

Causa didactica – Symposium

let me announce my second symposium with very special guests from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. so happy to celebrate the first trinational conference in my department. please check the keynotes and workshops. sign in as soon as possible by e-mail to if you want to join a limited seat […]


high up in the north are also people focusing on good art education. if you are around, please join the conference „media images in art class“ by the IQ.SH. there are also several workshops after a keynote lecture. for more info click here!

lecture Innsbruck youth culture

if you miss the chance in Dusseldorf, come and meet me in Austria, namely at the University of Innsbruck.gonna have a lecture at the conference about the perspectives on youth research in Austria with the topic:visual public sphere: aethetics of the participatory culture as an academic void glad to got accepted […]

lecture Düsseldorf urbanity

in november, i’ll be presenting about Urban Art, especially about the mystery of toynbee tiles, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dusseldorf. the program is all set now and you can see it below! see you there?!