how wonderful, the city magazine DIEREFERENTIN in Linz is showing the results of our exhibition: Es wird keine Bilder mehr geben! Please turn to page 6 right here: http://diereferentin.servus.at/die-referentin-ausgaben/die-referentin-24/

Shut up Manifesto

Anna Maria Loffredo, 2021 Print auf Glattvliestapete   exhibition@Salzamt Linz: www.keinebilder.at


pleased to announce our set for the upcoming exhibition @Salzamt Linz and to present our focus on manifestos of the avantgarde to tighten up a fine presentation for you. download here. and for all of you who can’t come to Linz, just enter our virtual exhibition: www.keinebilder.at


another press release is out now: the city journal Die Referentin printed our interview about the question why manifestos are still interesting to be discussed in an University of Art like in Linz in our current times. Read – we are pleased to tell you! scroll through Die Referentin Linz


in 2021, Vertr.prof. PD Dr. Andreas Zeising (TU Dortmund) will be my next guest @Salzamt Linz. he’s an expert in the written field of art. this is why we will focus on the habit of declaring a manifesto as part of being an artist. my part will show off the […]

recap @vernissage Salzamt

thx for sharing that wonderful opening of our exhibition at Salzamt Linz. in clearly four weeks of intense work my students came up with very precise photographs they got inspired by the artist in residence Damian Zimmermann. thx for supporting the young hearts. we were blessed to have your attention […]

Residency @Salzamt

proudly presenting the first cooperation with Salzamt Linz: the Salzamt offers a residency to the artist Damian Zimmermann who will stay 6 weeks in town to work with our students. come and meet him on 2018/10/16 for the kick-off. my dear colleague Prof. Gerhard Funk will introduce him to you and […]

NAEA exhibition

Schätzelein, wat willste?!would you guess that a weirdo photo from back in the days in 2009 with my homie Damian Zimmermann ♥ would be selected in 2017 by an US-american jury to be part of the NAEA Member Exhibition in Alexandria (Virginia)?! we had no clue but now, we are […]

art is education

some would call it brave, some would call it nuts, anyway, yes we are really going to exhibit, by ‚we‘ I mean everyone of the faculty – and it’s the first time in the history of the University of Art and Design that all the professors and their assistants of […]