Holocaust in comic

please join me to visit the special program „holocaust in comic“ at Schloss Hartheim! it’s my first time to visit that place. some of my students who already worked in the field of a graphic novel will share the discussion with me. if you want to hop on, we are […]

Birdcage facebook

one bird, two bird, three bird, four bird, five bird – invite your friends on facebook to the birdcage – best prom of the summer!

Schiller & comic

did you know that Schiller was also know for his comics? no? well than order now for just 15,- € the story told by Prof. Dietrich Grünewald, the one in comic and art education.after 10/31 it’ll be at 25,-€, so get up and do some shopping!

painting workshop

though professors are officially retired some of them still offer their skills, so does Prof. Klein of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Sign in if you want to deepen your painting experience!

3 x 3

it’s competition time! German students get up and apply for the first competition for higher ed students. a shame that the other part of the German spoken students can’t participate but gonna cross my fingers to you all anyway. it would be great to have that also in Austria. respect […]

birdcage stickers

birdcage spotted at stwst. keep the prom in mind and start to groove!

transit store/d

it’s here here here! my third book „transit art/university“ is available! thx to my team.

dance inaugural lecture

look at that how other disciplines are also doing inaugural lecture – the difference is they do it as a performance. if you are interested in the performance lecture of Valerie Westlake-Klein please step up, climb high on to the Bruckner mountain and lay back in the cozy auditorium. it’s […]

Munich – OFF

hey guys! i’ll be joining some programs at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich nearby. please be patient if I don’t respond to your emails within 30 seconds. I’m off resp. focused on business meetings. back in Linz on Friday! please focus, too 🙂