here we come Nicole, here we we come! so good to have you as my girl in crime 👯‍♀️ ORDER OUR BOOK HERE!


this is one of my favorites this year already: I will discuss with –> lawyers about NFT art in the beautiful city of Zurich, sounds crazy, yea, but I like it very much.thanks to Mischa Senn & Alfred Früh for having me.2021/9/28 @Museum für Gestaltung Zürich


how wonderful, the city magazine DIEREFERENTIN in Linz is showing the results of our exhibition: Es wird keine Bilder mehr geben! Please turn to page 6 right here:

Book No8

2022 OPEN ACCESS Loffredo, A. M. & Wenrich, R. (Hrsg.) (2022, i.E.). Changing Time – Shaping World: From now to where, from here to there. Bielefeld: transcript.

trinational art education research

♥just the four of us.♥   we are delighted to announce our new trinational network to improve empirical data based and future focused research in art education. there will be mentoring sesssions for Masters and PhD candidates and guest keynotes from time to time. if you are interested to raise […]

Fellow HFDxChange

always a motivation booster being a fellow in the program HFDxChange 2021, a new concept for collegial consultation in digitalisation by Hochschulforum Digitalisierung. excited to meet all the fellows.


grateful and energised to offer you a world of changemakers in an international online lecture series that I prepared together with the one and only Prof. Dr. Rainer Wenrich of the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. download the announcement here or push the button to get access to the website of this […]


*(double blind) peer-reviewed, estimated or published: for videos & audios click YouTube 2022 Loffredo, A. M. & Wenrich, R. (Hrsg.) (2022, i.E.). Changing Time – Shaping World: Changemaker in Arts & Education. Bielefeld: transcript. [OPEN ACCESS] Loffredo, A. M. (2022, i.E.). Das goldene (didaktische) Dreieck als Mindset: ikigai, Flow und […]