rollin‘ down the ‚Emscher‘

last weekend wasn’t that sunny but I was glad to join the art in the landscape of the ‚Emscher‘ though. that’s a river in the heart of the so called ‚ruhrpott‘. it was so nice to meet friends like Nina and Eva again, art teachers I first met in Tutzing […]

manifesta & money

joined Hubert & Veronika last weekend for the manifesta in zurich. it was fun and you should really go and see it. interesting concept of curating „money“ and a really nice city.

research manual

there’ll be no way out of this: standards in research have to be followed by all of my students. please check the document I’ve set up especially for you. there are always standards like a research codex in general, not questioning that, but for all of my classes you have […]


welcome or not welcome – that’s the question of the next exhibition starting 6/23.


there’s only one big event in Linz – some people say: the ars electronica festival! my dear colleagues Verena Kroupa and Helene Siebermair will present a workshop for ages 7-99 – say what?! so take your time in september and mark the week of 9/8-9/12 in your calendar already.for more […]

first time standards

next chance to have a look behind the curtain of the University of Art and Desgin Linz will be on 6/22 at 6pm. you can find the a series of lectures, exhibitions, and guided tours in one of our headquartes in the Domgasse. check the program below.

dance dance dance dance dance

if you wanna dance or think, talk, discuss about dance then please join the famous series of ‚impulstanz‘ in Vienna. from 7/14 – 8/14, loads of workshops will be offered. for more information, please check the website


the students who joined the field trip to south Italy with my dear colleague Verena Kroupa will exhibit their works in the gallery of the University of Art and Design Linz. please come and meet the young ambitious students who wanna become the next generation of art teachers. save the […]

sackerl 60.0

gonna donate 300 bags for ’shaping the future‘. i am prepared for the future – are you?


Salzamt is shouting out a new set of kristallin. please have a look and support the art/ists.