day of arts education

such an honor to have them: the handsome kids of the Leonardo da Vinci NMS in Linz-Urfahr had been the first students following my invitation to the University of Art and Design Linz. celebrating the national day of arts education, they got the opportunity to explore urban art and hip hop culture by stepping into breaking and using writing as an art form.

thanks to Markus Eggensperger and Kid Crow for their skills they shared with these young hearts. also thanks to Kulturkontakt Austria for funding this event.

one of my best days in Linz so far. they made my week already. always welcome back!

and thx a thousand times to their teacher Evelyne Barnasch - without her, there ain't no heart beating for real good art education.
never forget the teacher as an inspiration for art+education=art education!

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