think school different

these are the students who started their career in Linz the same year like i did. we shared a difficult time and now i am happy to offer them an alternative examen to pass the class. that's why they used collage as a concept to develop new spaces for learning. every approach is welcome even if it's a fictive room, in the galaxy, or a fantasy world. if we don't start to open our mind nothing will be innovated. they had to draw as the real size of a men. a group of four (Flo, Ibo, Maria, Tamara) also worked together to have two walls, a ceiling, and the floor with additional light from outer space 🙂

i am very proud that their works were guiding my first symposium in a very beautiful but also very traditional room at the Landesgalerie.

(c) Ruth Größwang

(c) Milica Peuraca

(c) Natasa Plavsic

(c) Alexandra Pisslinger

(c) Holger Jagersberger

(c) Kathrin Hornburg

(c) Lisa Völtl

(c) Maria Feichtenböck, Tamara Lang, FlorianHater, Ibo Soliman

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