lehre n @toepfer-stiftung

deeply moved: i got the pitch to be a scholar of the Toepfer Foundation during the program "Lehren - Das Bündnis für Hochschullehre" for the term 2020!

that means that i'll be joining a community of professionals 5 times next year at the wonderful Schloss Hasenwinkel close to Bibowsee in the northern east of Germany. honestly, i've never been in that part of Germany before and i appreciate the chance to experience a new environment, a space for rethinking the common way of teaching. all the scholars are interested in innovation how to teach better in higher ed. who would have thought that i'll be representing the arts resp. art education in this transdisciplinary context of experts like medicine, physics, music, or linguistics. i am more than excited to get connected and develop my idea with people sharing the same passion for progress.

yes yes yes, happy happy happy ♣

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