lecture @hamburg LI

busy busy being, I’ll be giving a lecture at the teacher training program institut ‚LI‘ of the city of Hamburg. everybody loves Hamburg, so do I – and I am happy to share my knowledge and experiences as a former teacher for the IB level with students who are currently in their second period of higher education resp. in their teacher training program. it’s the most important time to shape yourself as an art educator and a lot of things have to be done at the same time. let’s discuss how to be an creARTive educator for an inclusive school system. thank you so much for the invitation my dear colleague Dr. Michael Grauer.

meet me 2019/11/15 at 2pm.

lecture & workshop:

Was ist guter Kunstunterricht?

Zieldifferente Lernumgebungen in den kunstpädagogischen Handlungsfeldern entwickeln

be creARTive, what else?!

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