Animated Iconic Concept Maps

here ya go!
my students created short videos about the history of art education as animated iconic concept maps.
stay tuned.
Prof. Änna

(c) Nora Wimmer about Pierre Bourdieu

(c) Magdalena Stürmer about Max Imdahl

(c) Pia Sternbauer about Umberto Eco

(c) Nina Steiner about Herbert Read

(c) Florian Hareter about Erwin Panofsky

(c) Anna Baldinger about Julius Langbehn

(c) Maria Feichtenböck about Gert Selle

(c) Klaus Gölz about Wolfgang Welsch

(c) Rebekka Lipp about Henning Freiberg

(c) Rudolf "Rudi" Heinz about Gunter Otto