teachers for sense&sensibility

hurry hurry – please sign in for the conference „sense & sensibility – art history and school in the context of history“ as a teacher training program. deadline ends 2017/5/30! hurry hurry.


you don’t know what to do on Tuesday next week? just ask me!come and listen to Ursula Guttmann at the Kepler Salon. she’s always well prepared and invites you to the complex world of fashion. is it art or fashion? hard to tell, but she will.7.30pm 2017/5/16

pinky review

another time my pinky book about inclusive education in art class was reviewed in Germany by Evelyne Barnasch. pink for everyone!

gender review

my review of Anne Eßer’s doctoral thesis about gender representations in art class is published. she received her phd at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. i really recommend that book! you can buy it through kopaed, also in Munich.

anna & änna

thx to my student Anna Baldinger for her first written not painted piece published in the art education journal BDK-Mitteilungen in Germany. she reviewed the symposium Transit in her perception as a student. currently, she is working on her final examen. hopefully she takes it as a good push forward […]