think school different

these are the students who started their career in Linz the same year like i did. we shared a difficult time and now i am happy to offer them an alternative examen to pass the class. that’s why they used collage as a concept to develop new spaces for learning. […]

interface face-to-face

hey guys, please join the symposium of Christa Sommerer. as a student of the department art education, you should seize the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the current world teenagers are living in. the department interface culture is offering a wide range of gaming culture on 2016/11/15. i […]

you’re out!

Prof. Dr. Zeynep Sayin was teaching a long time at the Bilgi University until the day she was suspended by the government. in Turkey, researchers and academics are losing their voice. please support the scientific community and show up for her lecture on wednesday, 2016/11/16 at 7pm.


as a supporting member, i want you to know that there’s a new collaboration of several artists and researchers in Germany. the focus is on transdisciplinary projects between science and art. Peter Tepe, the Dusseldorf based initiator, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Dusseldorf and he was later on […]

how to …

Damian just did it. he published his first book. it’s part of a series called „how to …“.his choice? have a look at the fresh folded print and get the answer here.

go Magdi – go Magdi !!

ladies & gentlemen, let me proudly present, the one, the only, the gorgeous Magdi! she will exhibit her work she made out of paper on wednesday next week (11/9/16) at 6.30pm. let’s have a drink and support my girl! whoop-whoop!


hey everybody. the university of art and design won’t stop to party. so here’s the next chance to refill your empty nights 🙂

lecture and book release in D.C.

it was awesome to release the new book in one of the most important places for me while writing the book about inclusive education in art education: in the library of the elementary school of German School Washington D.C.; the little students i observed two years ago are now little […]