OFF & Korea

first, i’m having generously 5 days off for a long long coffee break. no emails will be answered. no phonecalls. second, i’ll be joining the InSEA world congress in Daegu/Korea and having a lecture about „Drawing on Diversity: Inclusive (Higher) Art Education in German Spoken Countries in Transit“ on Tuesday […]


in september, there’ll be the next trinational conference of the Austrian, Swiss, and German associations of art education. finally, the program is online and you can check here if you want to join the workshops in Bad Kreuzlingen/Switzerland. my colleague at the University of Art & Design Linz Wolfgang Schreibelmayr […]

go to Hartheim!

please take the last chance to see Palandt’s exhibition about Holocaust in comic an graphic novels!

academic rules reloaded 2017/3/17

dear students, please read carefully the Manual then start to write! besides the general codex of academic writing and behavior, you have to follow the instructions I expect you to be aware of. there will be always the current pdf of formal conditions online, here and on moodle. if you are […]

1st dictionary

the red one is here! it’s the 1st dictionary in our discipline. long time waited, now officially released by Kunibert Bering, Rolf Niehoff & Karina Pauls. i’ve contributed several headwords like Urban Art Graffiti Inklusive Education Crossover Sampling Staged Photography. to order please click here!  


i’m generously off for a long weekend. get back to me on Tuesday.

second pinky

within a year, my pinky one about art class and inclusive education is sold out and will run for a second edition soon. please be patient and order here.

review of the pinky

the Austrian Association of Art Educators (BÖKWE) reviewed my pinky one, the book about art class and inclusive education.