academic rules reloaded 2017/11/9

dear students, please read carefully the Manual then start to write! besides the general codex of academic writing and behavior, you have to follow the instructions I expect you to be aware of. there will be always the current pdf of formal conditions online, here and on moodle. if you […]

lecture Innsbruck youth culture

if you miss the chance in Dusseldorf, come and meet me in Austria, namely at the University of Innsbruck. gonna have a lecture at the conference about the perspectives on youth research in Austria with the topic: visual public sphere: aethetics of the participatory culture as an academic void   […]

lecture Düsseldorf urbanity

in november, i’ll be presenting about Urban Art, especially about the mystery of toynbee tiles, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dusseldorf. the program is all set now and you can see it below! see you there?!


invitation to the exhibition at AFA Offspace Vienna: GALERIE IM TRAKLHAUS  at  Austrian Fashion Association Vielfalt – Neun Schmuckpositionen aus Salzburg   Sonja Bischur, Gunda Maria Cancola, Agnes Czifra, Ursula Guttmann, Renate Edith Hausenblas, Martin Lerch, Martina Mühlfellner, Margareta Niel, Konstanze Prechtl.   Where and When? Wednesday, 8.11.2017, 5pm – 10pm […]

bestOFF Vernissage

next project: my students & I will support the local exhibition of the best students‘ artworks of the year by creating an social media profile on instagram. bestOFF kicks off nov 6. meet you at the OK! and: my assistant Robert Rob the Robbie will have his first performance, skin […]

NAEA exhibition

Schätzelein, wat willste?! would you guess that a weirdo photo from back in the days in 2009 with my homie Damian Zimmermann ♥ would be selected in 2017 by an US-american jury to be part of the NAEA Member Exhibition in Alexandria (Virginia)?! we had no clue but now, we […]

high high – recap

extraordinary focused and respectful – very grateful to had you here in Linz for the conference about art history in school. please come back soon!   (photos by gorgeous Robert Rob Starzer & David Panhofer 🙂 )

higher ed – conference

honored to announce another big sized conference as the opener of the winter term: higher education – art history at school! it’s my first conference in cooperation with another foreign university. Prof. Joseph Imorde and PD Dr. Andreas Zeising of the University of Siegen are my partners in art (ed) […]