review @park

don’t know why, but BÖKWE published the review a second time. whatever.

Riebe – L.A.

that’s something! Markus is always good for a surprise. here he is, exhibiting in L.A. – hell yeah!  

happy everyone

proud to spread ♥ to everyone through my home institution the university of art & design LINZ on instagram.

Flo & me = print

for the first time in Linz, not in general, I published an essay together with my student. Florian Hareter studies BE & TG to become a teacher, like studio arts & textile arts & crafts in the Institute of Art & Education. we know each other since day 1 started […]


lecture Holocaust Art Ed

honored to got the chance for a presentation at the LMU in Munich. and – that is crazy – it was accepted on a conference of German Language. so glad to represent art education as an important discipline next to the „main“ didactics in the professional field of teacher education. […]


if you don’t have time to finish one book why not editing two? Dr. Ahmet Camuka & Prof. Dr. Georg Peez finilized their project „art education digital mobile“ and yes, we are talking about TWO books in one run. I am happy to contribute also an essay about ipads in […]

recap Causa

thank you fellows so much for a good debate about being professional in the field of teacher training. i am grateful for all the contributors, professors, students, teachers, all came together to focus on the good & tasks we have to run properly if we shout out for good art […]

award winner

look at that smart face: Silvia Wimmer is one of my first alumni, written her final diploma in my department of Art Education – and she made it! it took her several hard working months to deepen her written reflective skills about the political participation through memes but finally – […]