Toepfer Brains

how wonderful to start the year with a circle of academics appreciating each other and sharing the same passion for good teaching in higher education?! I am so grateful to have met all of you guys. and the best thing: this was just the kick-off and we will have way […]

Announcement NEXTCOMIC

only a few weeks away, the announcement of the symposium during the NEXTCOMIC Festival in the German art education journal BDK-Mitteilungen is the last call to join us in Linz. full download here.

Munich is calling again

after the last symposium comes straight ahead the next one at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. this time it’s the last and a very special one because Prof. Kirschenmann will be an Emeritus soon. he invites all art educators to reflect one last time utopia in art class and […]

NEXTCOMIC Symposium program

if you wish to attend the symposium during the NEXTCOMIC have a look at the full program. or download it here.

review of theater&dance

the last review of 2019 is the one about theater, dance & performance at schools.Loffredo, A. M. (2019). Review about Westphal, K., Bogerts, T., Uhl, M. & Sauer, I. (2019). Zwischen Kunst und Bildung. Theorie, Vermittlung, Forschung in der zeitgenössischen Theater-, Tanz- und Performancekunst. Oberhausen: Athena. BÖKWE. Fachblatt des Berufsverbandes […]

Erasmus mobility

what a super duper premiere in my department!! my dear colleague Prof. Dr. Martin Oswald of the University of Weingarten in Germany will be joining the erasmus staff mobility program to come to Linz. exchange is important for a wider perspective of one’s own professional action. I am pleased to […]

review of Grünewald’s Loriot

if you are looking for an edutaining book for christmas i can recommend the ‚little‘ book of Dietrich Grünewald, former professor for art ed at the University of Koblenz-Landau, about the grafic art of the German well known actor and comedian Loriot. my review is ready to support your purchase […]

academy of FA Munich

let us join this lovely event offered by the academy of fine arts in Munich in cooperation with the catholic university of Eichstätt. Who else than Prof. Dr. Johannes Kirschenmann invites art educators and researchers to elaborate the challenge of the digital area in current education situations. together with the […]

lehre n @toepfer-stiftung

deeply moved: i got the pitch to be a scholar of the Toepfer Foundation during the program „Lehren – Das Bündnis für Hochschullehre“ for the term 2020! that means that i’ll be joining a community of professionals 5 times next year at the wonderful Schloss Hasenwinkel close to Bibowsee in […]

review of creativity

let me introduce you to the new book of Prof. Dr. Frank Schulz who’s teaching art education at the University of Leipzig/Germany. together with Karola Schöppe, he edited a very interesting point of view on how to connect the term ’sustainability‘ with the academic understanding of creativity. i’m happy to […]