Christopher Bohlen – ma krizle for shizle

feeling so humbled when your former students grow and glow like my gorgeous krizle aka Christopher Bohlen. have to smile about his school career. not an easy one, hello maths, hello system, hello life! but always believed in him. so calm, so tall, so sensitive. everyone knew what kind of a natural he was. saw the sprinkle of art fascination in his eyes right from the start. graffiti brought us close together. still there's the door in Cologne, both doors. and damn, he was also good in art history. this boy knows how to write. i am so proud that he didn't lost his way and finally made it in another country.

chris graduated this summer in sculpture. congrats to your bachelor's degree!

i really go for the textures and the smart combinations of materials. and still i like his range of expression. that's more than a traditional understanding of sculpture. that's ma Chris.

Chris - you are really something!

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