documenta @AdBK

Harald Kimpel says it straight. watch his reflection on the current documenta.his lecture is part of a series at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, intro by Prof. Kirschenmann (Art Ed).

Exhibition in Sayn

let me tell you about an exhibition of my colleague Prof. Frank Louis. his area is the 3-dimensional artwork, sculpture and ceramics.the opening will be in an nice location in Sayn, near Koblenz. if your’re around, stop by for his lecture.

birdcage birds

here we go – all of my birds! we are waiting for thursday night 29th to get the prom started. big ups to Rob aka Robert Starzer the master of all the illustrations.


honored to be part of the bestOFF-team 2017. i’ll be arranging the digital education program for that exhibition with my students. keep the vernissage on 2017/11/7 in mind at the OK in Linz. this year topic is: „under the skin“ – so please watch the opening teaser. let’s ink!


my second home is calling me. i’m off for the Biennale. please get back to me after June 6th. Forza la bellezza!