open access – Schulpädagogik heute

download my essays about  Aesthetic Education:Loffredo, A.M. (2016). Zum Stellenwert ‚Ästhetischer Bildung‘ in einer guten Schule.   and    a comparison of high schools in the US:Loffredo, A.M. (2016). From West to East Coast – Ausgewählte US-amerikanische High Schools im Vergleich.  see the full online journal:Schulpädagogik heute – Free Download

kristallin #31

3/11 at 7pm @Salzamt/Linz: residence artists Alice Socal (I) and Joe Kessler (UK) are presenting their work. related to the NEXTCOMIC festival at the OK/Linz, you can have also a closer look into Socal’s graphic novel ‚Sandro‘.most of all: I’m really curious about the students‘ exhibition of the HBLA. a lot of […]

not just a party – EXPERIENCE!

I’ve told you there will be happening something in the City right?! Save the date – April 3 – for the URBAN ART SESSION at the OK. More infos to come …