international conference

in november, i’ll be presenting about Urban Art, especially about the mystery of toynbee tiles, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dusseldorf. the program is all set now and you can see it below! see you there?!

birdcage birds

here we go – all of my birds! we are waiting for thursday night 29th to get the prom started. big ups to Rob aka Robert Starzer the master of all the illustrations.


honored to be part of the bestOFF-team 2017. i’ll be arranging the digital education program for that exhibition with my students. keep the vernissage on 2017/11/7 in mind at the OK in Linz. this year topic is: „under the skin“ – so please watch the opening teaser. let’s ink! bestOFF2017

anna & änna

thx to my student Anna Baldinger for her first written not painted piece published in the art education journal BDK-Mitteilungen in Germany. she reviewed the symposium Transit in her perception as a student. currently, she is working on her final examen. hopefully she takes it as a good push forward […]

Causa didactica – Symposium

let me announce my second symposium with very special guests from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. so happy to celebrate the first trinational conference in my department. please check the keynotes and workshops. sign in as soon as possible by e-mail to if you want to join a limited seat […]


not just preaching, hell yeah we are about to get down. it’s also part of my job to curate the university’s prom. proud to have 6 creative birds singing above my head. they set everything up for the best summer party of the year. please join the artists program at […]

transit in stores

finally it’s here. third book, love love love 🙂 Transit in stores now!

next comic education – Miriam the winner!

so so soooooooo proud of Miriam Neitsch – she made it with her graphic novel about Panofsky into the current exhibition of the next comic festival at the „Raumschiff“. please support our vision of a wide view on didactics by using media like a graphic novel to reflect on the […]

what to study

there are new informations if you want to study any art discipline to become a teacher. please check the folder of BE TT MG