NAEA exhibition

Schätzelein, wat willste?! would you guess that a weirdo photo from back in the days in 2009 with my homie Damian Zimmermann ♥ would be selected in 2017 by an US-american jury to be part of the NAEA Member Exhibition in Alexandria (Virginia)?! we had no clue but now, we […]

high high – recap

extraordinary focused and respectful – very grateful to had you here in Linz for the conference about art history in school. please come back soon!   (photos by gorgeous Robert Rob Starzer & David Panhofer 🙂 )

higher ed – conference

honored to announce another big sized conference as the opener of the winter term: higher education – art history at school! it’s my first conference in cooperation with another foreign university. Prof. Joseph Imorde and PD Dr. Andreas Zeising of the University of Siegen are my partners in art (ed) […]

1st dictionary

the red one is here! it’s the 1st dictionary in our discipline. long time waited, now officially released by Kunibert Bering, Rolf Niehoff & Karina Pauls. i’ve contributed several headwords like Urban Art Graffiti Inklusive Education Crossover Sampling Staged Photography. to order please click here!  

Transit by N&M

it’s time for the second shot for bringing my students closer to writing in the academic debate. it’s a smooth step into that field to review a conference like Magdalena Neuburger & Nora Wimmer did about the symposium „Transit“. their observation is printed and you can read it right here […]

IG Birdcage

follow the birdcage on instagram and see all the preparation for the best summer party of the year!

birdcage birds

here we go – all of my birds! we are waiting for thursday night 29th to get the prom started. big ups to Rob aka Robert Starzer the master of all the illustrations.


honored to be part of the bestOFF-team 2017. i’ll be arranging the digital education program for that exhibition with my students. keep the vernissage on 2017/11/7 in mind at the OK in Linz. this year topic is: „under the skin“ – so please watch the opening teaser. let’s ink! birdcage […]