may I say how proud I am to be part of a great essay about ‚how to read a photo‘ written by the one and only Damian Zimmermann (see also Residency-Program). thx Damian ♥ for being interested in my point of view and expertise. it’s always a pleasure to talk to […]

Residency @Salzamt

proudly presenting the first cooperation with Salzamt Linz: the Salzamt offers a residency to the artist Damian Zimmermann who will stay 6 weeks in town to work with our students. come and meet him on 2018/10/16 for the kick-off. my dear colleague Prof. Gerhard Funk will introduce him to you and […]

school book

never in my life I would have imagined that I would appear in a school book for art class. now it happened in real, I mean like real real. it’s a shame that my former high school teacher could not see that. he was the one giving me my first […]

Kritische Berichte – out now!

finally! all the lectures during the symposium about art history in school are published. go to the library or order  the journal ‚Kritische Berichte‘ online at Ulmer Verein.

review for Peez

it’s necessary to say that basics are essential for every kind of ‚Bildung‘. that’s why i wrote a review about the 5th edition of „introduction to art education“ by Prof. Dr. Georg Peez of the University of Frankfurt a.M. in Germany. it’s published in the journal 2/2018 of the Austrian […]

mention in review – urbanity

a lot of events are happening, so it’s nice to have a reason to remember the symposium about urbanity at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dusseldorf last November. i was talking about the toynbee tiles and the difficulty of a research approach to urban art. Read here the review!

Review Symposium Causa

Look at the past! Do you remember the symposium Causa didactica in November last year? Prof. Nicole Berner (University of Northwest Switzerland) wrote a review about the academic debate in the art ed journal BDK-Mitteilungen (Germany). To remember more images of the event click here! For the full review please […]

book release party

what a wonderful celebration of our graphic novel during the Next Comic Festival 2018! thx to everyone who supported this project. it was a pleasure to have Prof. Dr. Jaqueline Berndt as a host. Funny, deep and welcoming – that’s how i like my job! thx to the gorgeous Sarah Schmidt […]

Symposium KREATIV

here we go again. another year, another symposium in a row. this time with special guest from Switzerland, of our Erasmus-Partner University of Giessen, Cluster-Partners from Salzburg and together with my dear colleague Mario Zeppetzauer of the Dep. Industrial Design. finally, it’s gonna be a transdisciplinary debate about creativity. join […]